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Student Managed Investment Fund

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Help us establish a Student Managed Investment Fund (Called the “SMIF”). This fund will be run entirely by students with oversight from finance faculty. Students will be responsible for investigating and presenting investment research for the portfolio. All investment ideas will be generated by and voted on by students. Managing a real money portfolio will help instill a sense of responsibility in our students that a simulation or a classroom project cannot match.

Our team will utilize our brand new Financial Technology Lab in Glenn Hall. The lab will be built and ready for spring semester 2022. With this new lab and a new Student Managed Investment Fund, our students will be prepared to engage in market research, financial reporting, and economic analysis.

Donations are applied to...

The Student Investment Fund will operate out of our brand new Financial Technology Lab in Glenn Hall. Gifts will support:

1. Operational costs for the lab space (data licensing, software, brokerage fees).
2. Directly to the portfolio for students to manage.

Support the Student Managed Investment Fund

The Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) will provide a new opportunity for students all across campus to put their passion and knowledge to work investigating investment opportunities in a real money portfolio. The SMIF will utilize our brand new Financial Technology Lab in Glenn Hall.

Why are donations necessary?

One of the best things about finance is that it connects every aspect of our society. Our team of students will research investment opportunities from every sector of the economy. Science majors can join us to help learn more about bio-technology companies, construction majors can provide vital insight on real estate, geology majors can use their knowledge to help evaluate utilities companies, or engineering majors can follow the energy markets. Every major on campus can have an influence on our fund.

In the future our students can build on their knowledge to pursue high tech investment ideas like algorithmic trading, analytics, and crypto currencies. With additional funds we can set aside assets for students to learn and engage and push the envelope when it comes to investment research.

Donate to the SMIF to help build a strong starting portfolio that our students can grow over time. With your support we can engage students who may have never considered the possibilities of investing in their passions.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!